Report abuse

If you have a complaint about a domain name for which NordName is the sponsoring registrar, or which is hosted on NordName's web hosting service, please send your complaint to abuse (at) via email.

Once your abuse report has been received, our abuse team will handle your case internally. You will only receive an answer when the handling of the case has started. We will handle abuse reports on a case-by-case basis with respect to applicable law and our Acceptable Use Policy.

The registrant of the domain will be informed of the complaint and our decision via email. Your details will not be passed on to the registrant of the domain, unless you explicitly express that you want this to happen.

The registrant will be allowed to re-open the case by replying to the email.

All complaint correspondence is stored for 12 months.

Dedicated abuse point of contact

Only for law enforcement, consumer protection, quasi-governmental and other similar competent authorities. Cases are reviewed within 24 hours.

Registrant's Benefits and Responsibilities

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